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SubRosaDictum. Der Geheime Garten. 2023.
SubRosaDictum. Kesselhaus. 2023.
Welcome to the Pleasure Bay
SubRosaDictum. Der Ball. 2022.
SubRosa. Zurich. 2022.
Welcome to the Pleasure Bay.

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Dates of our events: 27.05.2023: Lust, Munich. Buy tickets online now. 20.06.2023: Kesselhaus, Munich. The official BoundCon Party. Buy tickets online now. 29.07.2023: The Secret Garden, Munich. 13.-15.10.2023: Avantgardista, Munich. 27.-30.10.2023: Pleasure Bay, Kreta. Buy tickets online now. 18.11.2023: ...

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Termine unserer Events: 27.05.2023: Lust, München. Tickets jetzt online kaufen.   10.06.2023: Kesselhaus, München. Die Offizielle BoundCon Party. Tickets jetzt online kaufen.   29.07.2023: Der Geheime Garten, München.   13.-15.10.2023: Avantgardista, München.   27.-30.10.2023: Pleasure Bay, ...

Photos. Avantgardista Show Zürich.

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Photos. Fetish Fusion 2023.

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Welcome to the Pleasure Bay…  …one day you live your kink under the blue sky of a Mediterranean island.   Imagine…   …your BDSM and Fetish Playground is a well-hidden boutique hotel with a private beach in a picturesque bay on ...

Photos. Wiener Blut. 2022.

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